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Relaxation and fun

Catholic is every year awarded with the Blue Flag thanks to the excellent ratio quality of services, cleaning of beaches and water: for this reason it is an ideal destination for holidays of families with children. At the factories, besides regular services, you will find equipped areas for fitness to keep fit also during the holiday and relaxation areas for total well-being. For the youngest guests are equipped play areas, inflatable, water games and entertainment every day.

The main streets

not only the sea

Catholic is also a pleasant town to visit: a lot of greenery, well laid out in streets and squares, that are the contour to the local shops and shows. The May square, also called Piazza delle Fontane, is the heart of Cattolica, from which branch off the Viale Bovio, via the main and the most tourist Viale Dante and Viale Carducci, with lots of little shops in the summer and bar for events and shopping.

Square of the Republic is reserved for cultural events and large events such as concerts and shows, and at it are situated the Theatre of the Queen and the Municipal Library. Not to be missed, the Port of Cattolica, where you will find the monument to the fallen, the Madonna del Mare and the new dock, where stands the lighthouse and a beautiful rose of the winds.

Catholic is an interesting destination both for those who want to relax and laze by the sea for those who love active holidays and sports; a town always attentive to welcome its guests with the warmth and joy that is typical of the romagna hospitality.

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