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The cuisine of romagna

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At the Hotel Columbia we wish particularly that our guests rise from the table satisfied and with a full stomach. In Romagna, we have a long culinary tradition of simple dishes, made with few ingredients, healthy and tasty. Just as are the recipes and the dishes served at both lunch that to supper at the hotel Columbia. In addition, to satisfy the palate and tastes of all our guests we also have recipes taken from the international cuisine.

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Both lunch and dinner, meat and fish are always present. Hors d'oeuvres, cooked vegetables and cheeses are served in a convenient buffet, always stocked. To conclude each meal, always a buffet, you can enjoy seasonal fruit, but also homemade desserts for the sweet tooth, with a wide choice of savoury food.

Each recipe is cooked with love and care by our chef and the portions are always plentiful, you can enjoy well with each dish.
For those following a diet or has needs or intolerances, particular, on request it is possible to use alternative menus.

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