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The discovery of the territory

For a one-day alternative to the beach, a visit tothe Hinterland of romagna is the ideal place to discover the colors and flavors of a land linked to traditions and its past. Villages and medieval castles await you with fascinating stories, but also with typical cuisine and wine cellars to visit.


Medieval village famous for its Rocca Malatestiana (malatesta fortress, the place in the past, clashes between the most influential families in Italy. Background of the romantic love story of Paolo and Francesca, during the summer, becomes a place of re-enactments and shows.


Small inland village, is surmounted by an imposing Fortress overlooking a breathtaking panorama, from the coast up to San Marino. So many of the events and the events proposed with music, wine tastings, and live shows.

San Leo

Located on a spur of rock, from this I can dominate the marecchia valley and gaze up to the sea. Hosted Dante and St. Francis; sure to visit the Fort, the bell tower and the Duomo.

San Marino

At 750 metres of height, is located on Monte Titano and the lugoo ideal for those in search of a day is divided between shopping and art. There are several malls and outlet stores that you can find not as soon as you enter San Marino, and then get in the upper part, where is located in the historic centre in which are located the churches, palaces and museums. Don't miss the Three Towers, Freedom Square where stands the Palazzo pubblico and the Cava dei Balestrieri.


15 Km from Cattolica, this charming medieval village stands on a hill where in the past grazed the fallow deer, from which derives the name Mondaino. Disputed in the past between the regions of the Malatesta and of the Montefeltro family, today, it shines of its ancient beauty, highlighted with the famous Palio del Daino, an evocative historical re-enactment that every year in the heart of the summer, again to thousands of visitors.


Another village a few kilometres from Cattolica, rich of history and charm that brings visitors to the times dell'800. In the month of August is held every year, the 800 festival, an event much appreciated all over the territory, and that transforms this small village in a single stage under the starry sky.


Today concosciuta as the birthplace of the pilot who died prematurely Marco Simoncelli, where you can visit the Museum dedicated to him. However, not everyone knows that Coriano is also a country of ancient origins, a land of conquest and glory, especially in the period that it was under the guidance of the Malatesta family. Situated halfway between the hinterland and coast is the ideal place to get to know the surrounding area under each sfacettatura.


An ancient stronghold of the Signoria of the Malatesta, now known and visited above all for the legend of the ghost of Azzurrina, the daughter of the old feudal lord who disappeared mysteriously in the basements of the castle, and every 5 years in the summer solstice seems to reappear making its voice heard.

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